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A Social Tasting Experience

The SommThing wants to make people share the experience of wine by making fine wine tasting a social experience.


Gl. Kongevej 140, 1850 Frederiksberg, Denmark   |   +45 2613 5934   |

Wine cellar

Get a feel of the fingerprints of a combined love of

wine pairing

and a nerd´s

envision of wine.

SommThing opens the door to the private cellar

What's so special about SommThing?

In particular the combination of a sommelier who insist on putting the guest in the centre of her focus and her sincere passion of sharing in depth knowledge of wines.

In short the combination of a trained and awarded Sommelier and DipWSET


Gastro wine tours in a social environment for in depth knowledge about the world of wine.

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