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Digging for Gold

The easiest way to explain the difference between a Sommelier and DipWSET is that DipWSET does not by default come with restaurant and service experience.
I started my career firstly as a trained waiter and my plans were to travel around Europe but before leaving, I was tempted to live out my entrepreneurship with my family's restaurant.

When the success and daily operations were settled and in low maintenance mode, I had the time to extend my education and trained for the Sommelier title provided by the Danish Sommelier Association.

After more than 10 years, we decided that time was up to change the scene and as a result the restaurant was sold and we started the look out for a new location, new audience and new concept. The break opened the schedule for the highly theoretical studies for the Diploma level 4 at WSET London. 

The highlights of DipWSET are the 2-4 hours exams of theory and blind tastings in each of the categories: Viticulture & Vinification, Sparkling wines, Fortified wines, Spirits and Light wines of the world.

On top of that a 20+ pages paper on a mandatory subject.

I passed all exams and was announced DipWSET in April 2018.

My winning awards:

  • Apprenticeship (Waitress)from The Danish Hotel and Restaurant school in Copenhagen, awarded the Silver medal.

  • Sommelier and member of The Danish Sommelier Association.

  • Sommelier from The Danish Wine Academy "Vinakademiet", awarded best in Class Theory and Tasting.

  • DipWSET from Wine and Spirit Education Trust in London, tasting results passed with merit and passed with distinction.

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