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The Social Tasting Experience

SommThing is me: A wine pro who shares her preferences of the noble drink and at the same time wants to share the universe of a true wine nerd. 

This is my fingerprint.

I decide, I choose and I procure on my own will. Every drop there is to be found in the cellar,

I have collected from around the World and from my late teens.

It's a picturesque envision of both my favorites, my curiosity, my pride and through time my savings.

I do not believe in "Kill your darlings" when it comes to wine.

Prestige tasting

Maximum seating of 20

Duration approximately 2 hours

Prices from Dkk.750,-

Themes are published quarterly


Maximum seating of 24

Duration approximately 2 hours

Prices from Dkk.450,-

Themes are published quarterly

Theme tastings of grape varieties, particular regions or winegrowing areas, -classics and trends.

Tasting of 8 wines.

Favourite picks are:

  • Pinot Noir around the world

  • The faces of Chardonnay

  • Rieslings from Germany and the different Prädikats

  • Austrian grape varieties

  • Piedmont Classics

  • Sicily -heat end elegance

  • The Loire Valley -White and Red

Sommelier Wine with dinner

Maximum seating of 20

Duration approximately 3,5 hours

Prices from Dkk.1.200,-

Dates on request

Social wine tasting and dinner consisting of 6 wines and a 4 courses menu.

With focus on a sommeliers finest task of making a perfect wine and food match. 

A joyfull evening where fun and facts are shared and choosing the right wine for your next dinner party will be much easier.


The Dip

Maximum seating of 20

Duration approximately 5 hours

Prices from Dkk.1.600,-

Dates on request

Full evening event with an exclusive tasting in the dining room accompanied by stories and facts about a DipWSET’s thoughts on the wines selected for the evening. Fine wines are selected to accompany a delicious 6 courses dinner.

Diploma insight to wine, enjoying while learning -developing a deeper understanding of wine styles and the result of differences in winemaking philosophy and techniques.


The menu is prepared to match the selected wines: The house chef and I have a long partnership behind us working in the restaurant business and the thrill of developing dishes to match each wine is a great joy for both of us.

We are both classicaly trained but curious and experimental at the same time.


The Prestige tastings are recognized as tasting experiences of prestige wines. E.g. Vintage Champagne, 1.Cru and Grand Cru Wines, Rarities, Older vintages etc.

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